Earthen Alchemy

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Anointing Oils

Used for rituals, cleaning and more. Attraction, Prosperity, Protection, Mystic, Banishing, Cleanse and Invocation oils are infused with both herbs and plant extracts. 

Ritual Bath Soaks

Cleanse yourself with a Ritual Bath Soak, New Moon for setting intentions and Full Moon for cleansing.

Oil Blends

Planetary blends, Elemental blends and Sabbat blends. All oils are blended by a certified Aromatherapist for both quality and esoteric intent.

Herbal Tinctures

Concentrated herbal extracts of Chaga, Valerian Root, Lady's Mantle, Red Raspberry and Yarrow. Organically grown and wildcrafted. 

Wildcrafted Topicals
All natural herbal topical treatments. Balm of Gilead and Wild Woman Wildcrafted Balm will cover a plethora of skin ailments. 

Botanical Skin Care

Full of plant based ingredients and botanicals, Shapeshifter Firming & Restoring Body Butter and Lip Balm of Gilead are free of toxins, only skin loving ethical ingredients.

Perfume Oils

Charged in the phases of the moon, these perfume oils offer delicate bouquets of precious oils. 

Product Offerings

Aura + Cleansing Sprays

Gemstone infused Vibrational Aura Sprays inspired by great goddess, and Sacred Sage Smudge Spray with Palo Santo, White Sage and Nag Champa.