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Lilith Red Ritual Bath

Lilith Red Ritual Bath

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Lilith Red Ritual Bath

A bubble bath that will turn your water blood red, in honour and appreciation of Lilith, the dark goddess. Plant based, gentle and pH balanced for even the most sensitive skin. Will not stain or leave a ring in the tub.

The Lilu, the Lilit, the night Lili,
Enchantments, disasters, spells,
Illnesses, evil charms,
In the name of heaven
and in the name of earth
Let them be exorcised.

The origins of the Goddess Lilith are shrouded in mystery which seems appropos for Her. She is a banner for female power, authenticity, and the act of reclaiming parts of our Selves that are vital for survival. Many of Her stories are dark – whispers of stealing babies and cavorting with demons. They call Her a winged succubus, the bride of the devil and the patriarchy has seemed determined to make Lilith an object of fear and loathing.

Ingredients: Amphosol CG, Ylang Ylang Floral Water, Bioterge AS-40, Vegetable Glycerin, BSB, Geogard ECT, Tangerine Oil, Patchouli Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Organic Colorant.

Directions: For most potent results, add 1/2 of the bottle or full bottle contents to running water.