Sekhmet Anointing Oil

Sekhmet Anointing Oil

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A decadent ritual oil, featuring Blue Lotus, Lapis Lazuli, Styrax, Sandalwood, Musk, Moringa Oil and more, one of the Seven Sacred Oils used in the Eye of Horus Ritual, the ingredients of this anointing oil were adapted from the Pyramid Texts. These oils (Madjet being one of seven), were carefully recorded on the walls of Teti's Tomb.
The Egyptian deities were known as the Neteru. These divine god-forms were said to be “the most fragrant beings imaginable”, and so their statues were anointed daily with these sacred scented oils to evoke/invoke their divine living presence.


Sekhmet was represented by the searing heat of the mid-day sun (in this aspect she was sometimes called “Nesert”, the flame) and was a terrifying goddess. However, for her friends she could avert plague and cure disease. She was the patron of Physicians, and Healers and her priests became known as skilled doctors. As a result, the fearsome deity sometimes called the “lady of terror” was also known as “lady of life”. Sekhmet was mentioned a number of times in the spells of The Book of the Dead as both a creative and destructive force, but above all, she is the protector oMaat (balance or justice) named “The One Who Loves Ma’at and Who Detests Evil”.


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