Ritual Face Care

Witchcrafted and Esoterically Prepared Ritual Skin Care

What is witchcrafted skin care?

When we think about skin care, we think about the importance of ingredients. In witchcrafting, the ingredients aren't only the physical ingredients. They're the planets, the elements, the intentions. Infusing the above with the below. This is where the craft meets esoterica. The Banish Spot Treatment offering isn't just lavender and rosemary in a host of skin loving ingredients. It's also mercury, the sun, air and fire.

I use many of my own home grown herbs and plants for my offerings, and as my offerings. These are sowed on their corresponding planetary day and hour, harvested on their day in the dewy hours of the mornings. Infused and macerated into organic oils, distilled for their essence, and extracted and rectified to work with all alchemical principals of the plant. It's mercury, it's salt, it's sulfur.

What we use on and in our body matters. Combining the years of professional organic cosmetic formulary with an abundance of esoteric and occult knowledge has enabled me to curate ingredients to enhance our mind, body and spirit. Harnessing the energy of the planets, the spirit of the elements, the therapeutics of the plants, and tangible results of cosmeceuticals, birthing forth self care rituals to carry you forward in the nurturing folds of the macrocosm and microcosm.