About Earthen Alchemy

Earthen Alchemy was created from a deep need to connect the mundane, the natural world, and the magical world into daily rituals and practices to hold and honor the individual. I've taken great measures to work at the behest of the cosmos and alchemical principles to infuse each offering with as much potency and magic as I possibly can. Through this work, my hope is to connect people back to the plants, and back to their hearts. In body, mind and spirit.
I started EA four years ago to do my heart's work, but this is not where I started this journey. I use to own and operate an aromatherapy company as a clinical aromatherapist, specializing in safety around children and families (my work as a Doula led me to work with children). The more I worked with strictly essential oils, the more concerned I became with safety and sustainability, and knew there had to be a better way to explore and share plant medicine.

From here I attended multiple herbal and formulary schools for years, organic cosmetic formulary, organic cosmetic science, you name it, yet allopathic herbalism and aromatherapy still wasn't fitting the bill, so I continued my schooling with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism in 2020, where the pieces of herbalism, astrology, alchemy, animism and more finally fit together and I've been studying there ever since. I've since graduated the Alchemical Herbalism Program, and have begun my journey into Clinical Herbalism with the Vitalist Herbalism Program. 
In the mystical realms, I've been studying the Occult and magical practices for over 20 years, with special interests towards the left hand path, the poison path and plant magic. In recent years I've reconnected with my ancestral path and integrated Irish and Scottish practices into my own as well. I was indeed that little girl catching frogs, making potions with sticks and mud, and was a friend to all natural forms, a true animist from birth. 
Finally on the most personal note, I am also a solo mother to three beautiful children whom I hope to pass all my knowledge and secrets to, as they walk hand in hand with me on this journey through the human experience. I work deeply with Serpent Magic, with a collection of over 30 snakes that teach me lessons daily and push me to do my deepest work, and consistently surround myself with plants and animals to stave off the realities of a modernized steel jungle of a world. So if you've made it this far, so much love and gratitude to you. I am so grateful you've taken the time to learn a little about me.