Meet Me

Hey! So glad you've found your way here.I'm Jasmine, the creatrix behind the curtain of Earthen Alchemy and Hag Swag. I am a mother, a forest dweller, an herbalist, and absolutely obsessed with the wonders of the natural world.

Earthen Alchemy was created from a deep need to connect the mundane, the natural world, and the magical world into daily rituals and practices to hold and honor the individual. I've taken great measures to work at the behest of the cosmos and alchemical principles to infuse each offering with as much potency and magic as I possibly can. Through this work, my hope is to connect people back to the plants, and back to their hearts.


The journey so far!

I've been formally studying and practicing plant medicine for over 10 years, but will forever be a student of nature.I've also been immersed in Occult and magical practices for over 20 years, with special interests towards the poison path, entheogens and astrology. In recent years I've reconnected with my ancestral path and integrated Irish and Scottish practices into my own as well.
I was indeed that little girl catching frogs, making potions with sticks and mud, and was a friend to all natural forms, a true animist from birth.

You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it.

- Mark Twain

My values

I am a firm believer in health justice and herbal medicine accessibility for ALL, and hold my social values close to the core of what I offer, and how I live my life. I have spent most of my career working with mothers and their families, the disenfranchised, and empowering the individual to take their wellness into their own hands. No herbal or healing knowldege should be gatekept for profit, and part of my core beliefs is that the healing nature has to offer needs to be accessible to all, no matter their social or financial standing.

I have covered many areas of study, such as Clinical Herbalism, Astroherbalism, Practical Alchemy, Ayurveda, Medical Astrology, Aromatherapy, plus Plant and Fungi Cultivation, to ensure my offerings can touch whoever seeks them, or finds me in their journey on the path to wellness.

Now that you've found me, welcome. I'm so glad you're joining me on this journey.