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Earthen Alchemy

Herbalism Consultation ~ Full Wellness Program

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This is a comprehensive 3 session consultation to get your body, mind and soul realigned and living the life you were put here to live. All consultations are done via google meets or zoom. Using medical astrology, esoteric psychology, herbalism, Ayurveda and more to assemble a true look at the over all picture of your life and health.


**FULL PROGRAM: This is an in-depth exploration, please be prepared for this.

1st session: This is where we discuss your intake questions, where I can get a feel for you and your current situation, and cover any ground you'd like addressed. 30 minutes

2nd session: This is where we discuss your constitution, health and more based on the information provided, as well as recommendations for herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and more that gets you back into physio-astro balance. 60-90 minutes

3rd session: This is where we follow-up on how the regimen has been working, and what kind of adjustments can be made if any are needed. 30 minutes 

In addition to our one-on-one consult time, I will spend between 60-90+ minutes compiling your provided information, between and before appointment times. This consult does not include herbal preparations, strictly recommendations. Due to the fluxuation in cost of herbal treatments, this is an additional cost. I can either provide this for you at a discount, or recommend place for you to purchase said herbal recommendations and preparations. 

You will be provided with a welcome email and intake form, and will discuss booking times on purchase of consultation.