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Earthen Alchemy

Awake Caffeinated Under Eye Serum

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Dispel under eye bags and darkness, and rejuvenate with caffeine and hyaluronic acid. Caffeine has a shrinking effect on the blood vessels under your skin, which reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.

Planetary Energies: 
Venus for love of ones self (Rose)
Saturn for structure of ritual (Bamboo) 
Jupiter for cellular expansion and hydration (Clary Sage)
All Skin Types. 10ml Bottle
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Pro-Vitamin b5, Bamboo Extract, Green Tea Extract & Pomegranate Extract, Caffeine, Clary Sage & Rose Floral Water,  Propanediol 1,3, Dimethicone 350, Aristoflex AVC, Geogard 

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