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Earthen Alchemy

Baldur's Pain Relief

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*Now in an even bigger size*

Baldr (Balder, Baldur) was the son of Odin and Frigg, most notorious for his death. He's also fabled for his perceived invincibility and not being able to feel pain. When Baldr began to have dreams of his death, Frigg went around to everything in the world and secured from each of them an oath to not harm her son. Confident in Baldur’s invincibility, the gods amused themselves by throwing weapons and any random thing they could find at Baldur and watching them bounce off of him, leaving him utterly unscathed.

2.3 of ounce / 75 grams 

Arnica refers to the flowers of Arnica montana or Arnica chamissonis, and preparations made from them. Found as creams, tinctures and other topical preparations, Arnica products are for external uses, including sore muscles, pain and inflammation. Arnica is a staple topical remedy in homeopathy, and in that system of medicine is most commonly employed in creams and gels, primarily to relieve bruising and muscle pain

Menthol works as a vasodilator. Blood vessels widen which increases blood flow. Increased blood flow brings nutrients needed for cellular repair and removes waste products from the affected area. Molecules in the menthol attach to receptors in our cells and this produces a numbing effect. By stimulating certain receptors and blocking sodium and calcium channels, menthol can reduce the pain signal sent to the brain. Menthol may make the skin more permeable which makes it easier for other helpful ingredients in the cream to be more readily absorbed by the inflamed tissue.

The mechanism of action of the pain relief associated with the use of camphor is that it is a counter irritant. When applied externally, camphor numbs the nerve endings. The nerve endings then no longer transmit the sensation of pain. Camphor is highly volatile and readily absorbed through the skin. It produces a cool sensation and acts as a mild local anesthetic.

Ingredients: Candelilla Wax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Arnica infused Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil,Vitamin E, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor Oil, Cajeput Oil. Not for use on children under 12 years old.


"I have scoliosis and left heavy stuff at work all day so this stuff really helps relax my back and when I'm sick it helps relaxes my throat"

"We love this product and our clients love it too! I use it on my massage therapy patients after treatment. One of our yoga clients used the tester on her knee before a class and after the class we all saw the swelling visibly reduced! I wish I had thought to snap a before and after pic! Honestly, we can’t recommend this more!"

"My daughter can't get enough of this wonderful balm. She has rheumatoid arthritis and this is the only topical ointment that gives any relief."

"This amazing product is my life saver after tearing ligaments in my knee! It helped with pains before and after surgery and especially helps now during rehabilitation! I never go anywhere without it!!"

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