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Earthen Alchemy

Bucca Dhu Perfume Oil

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The workings, be they for any such needs as healing, good fortune, vision, or, when the need is great, to work against those who do wrong, is achieved via the aid of spirits, the virtues of place and union with the Old One; and such union or oneness is where the old path of the witch leads, and has its old symbols in such things as the fire at the centre of the circle and the candle fixed between the horns.
‘Old Master Bucca’, the tutelary deity of the kord is a West Country name for the Old Horned One of opposing twin aspects/selves – the ‘black spirit’, Bucca Dhu who, for the witch, presides over the dark of the year, and the ‘white spirit’, Bucca Gwidder; presiding over the light of the year. The Bucca is a deity much misunderstood and surrounded in great mystery and multiple theories. 
-Cornish Traditional Witchcraft


Vanilla, Black Pepper, Fir, Patchouli