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Earthen Alchemy

Fly Agaric Tincture

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Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria), tinctured in organic grain alcohol. This mushroom has been used through the centuries for both medicinal and spiritual practices. 

 Using only dried caps to reduce ibotenic acid to reduce stomach upset, This preparation can induce lucid dreaming, euphoric states, weightlessness and helps support shamanic trance. After oral administration, the effects take quite a long time to appear, and it usually takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the maximum effects. The duration of the effects is about 6 or 8 hours, depending on the dose. The nature of the effects can be highly variable, also depending on the dose, as well as the variety and personal differences.

 Medicinal uses include sedation and lessened fear response. Great care needs to be taken when first trying this tincture, starting with 1-3 drops, and gradually moving up with each new usage. Everyone has a much different tolerance rate, be mindful. Side effects may include stomach upset, confusion and headaches. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or with an existing medication. 

 Always recommended to keep a journal of experiences to document your effects and side effects, this will help you to find your individual dosage rate.

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