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Hecate Black Ritual Bath

Hecate Black Ritual Bath

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Hecate Black Ritual Bath

A bubble bath that will turn your water black, in honour and appreciation of Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads. Plant based, gentle and pH balanced for even the most sensitive skin. Will not stain or leave a ring in the tub.

May the circle never be broken
May the earth always be whole
May the rattle ever be shaken
May Hecate live in my soul.

Hecate (Hekate) is a goddess of Greek mythology who was capable of both good and evil. She was especially associated with witchcraft, magic, the Moon, doorways, and creatures of the night such as hell-hounds and ghosts. She is often depicted carrying a torch to remind of her connection with the night and in sculpture with three faces, representing her role as the guardian of crossroads.

Ingredients: Amphosol CG, Lavender Floral Water, Bioterge AS-40, Vegetable Glycerin, BSB, Geogard ECT, Mugwort Oil, Rosewood Oil, Sage Oil, Cedar Leaf Oil, Organic Colorant.

Directions: For most potent results, add 1/2 of the bottle or full bottle contents to running water.