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Earthen Alchemy

Milk Thistle Tincture

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30ml bottle of Milk Thistle Tincture.

Milk thistle is often promoted for its liver-protecting effects.

It’s regularly used as a complementary therapy by people who have liver damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis and even liver cancer.

It’s also used to protect the liver against toxins like amatoxin, which is produced by the death cap mushroom and is deadly if ingested.

Studies have shown improvements in liver function in people with liver diseases who have taken a milk thistle supplement, suggesting it could help reduce liver inflammation and liver damage.

Dosing information and usage:

For prevention use 30 drops in a glass of water once per day, and for acute issues do this three times per day.

Milk thistle Leaf, Grain Alcohol, Water

This Tincture was prepared on the day & hour of Mercury.

Always consult a Clinical Herbalist or Doctor before using extracts.