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Earthen Alchemy

Queen of the Crossroads Ritual Candle

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I am Hecate, Queen of The Witches--Sorceress, Psychic, Crone, Hag. 
I ride through the night sky, bathing the landscape in supernatural light. 
Guardian of the Unconscious; Mistress of the Night; Holder of the Key. 
I am Hecate; I command Earth, Sea and Sky; 
I control the lunar cycles; I control your menstrual cycles; Goddess of Life and Birth 
I am Hecate the ultimate Feminine.

Hecate is a triple Moon Goddess; skilled in the arts of divining and fortune telling. She represents feminine energy and independence from the masculine. Hecate as Queen of the Witches is the protector of women and children, in her role as Mother Goddess. As the Crone she is all wisdom, understanding and protecting the tribe (society). As the Maiden her role is that of fertility, the cycle of life, and rebirth. Hecate is the Goddess of Crossroads, and with three faces can divine past, present and future. As Queen of the Witches, she protects and guides both solitary witches and covens, and can grant great power to them and bestow upon them great gifts. As Goddess of the night and holder of the key, she is able to freely move between the worlds and guide one into or out of the darkness of intuition and self-knowlege.

16 ounce soy candle, dressed with Mohagany Obsidian, Henbane and Rose, scented in Cedar, citrus, winter sage and spices.