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The Witch Down the Lane

Rose of Venus Manifestation Board

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In collaboration and friendship with The Witch Down the Lane.

Rose Of Venus Manifestation Board

From an Earth–centered perspective – we know the dance of Venus as the Pentagram or Petals of Venus. A dance between the sun, Earth, and Venus that takes eight years to complete, resulting in a five petaled flower.

When working with the Rose of Venus Board, you will work within the layered energies of Venus. The Sacred Geometry, the numbers, and the astrological and elemental correspondences.

Eight, The Magicians number; a number of inner wisdom and strength and will. Five, the number of change, freedom and curiosity, both numbers swimming in the same stream of finding peace but rooted to humanity.

Astrologically Venus corresponds to the Divine Feminine or The Maiden. This planet represents all levels of Love rom Self to Sensual to Romantic. Ruling Self- expression, beauty, artistry, pleasure, and sexuality – her most Essential quality is that of Inner Strength or Strength of Self.

She is self-expressing Consciousness into Matter.

Her Metal, as expressed in the cycle around the Rose is Copper.

Copper conducts energy - spiritual or otherwise. It is the element of Divine Femininity and Venus; embodying beauty, energizing body and mind, bringing prosperity in the development of self whether internally or externally, and stimulating optimism and independence.

Use this board in work, ritual and ceremony for connecting back to Self, back to Heart to encourage and manifest a inner strength, a love of thyself, and the will to express one’s self from the place of an open and resilient heart.

What is a crystal grid or manifestation board?

The board or grid is a sacred thumbprint and template. Using sacred geometry, the energy of crystals, and one's own intentions, we tap into a universal language of vibration, energy, and arithmetic. When arranged and set, this creates a shift in energy - both in and around us - ultimately helping to bring about the change that we desire.

Birch Wood: New Beginnings, Birth + Rebirth, Healing, Cleansing the Past, New Journeys, New Ideas, Opportunity.

Your manifestation board has been handcrafted out of Birch Wood. Birch symbolizes new beginnings and renewal - probably due to the fact that it is the first tree to grow back after a forest has been burned, and the fact that it sheds and regrows its bark - consistently releasing the old to make way for the new.

Using this board:

The sacred tool you hold in your hands can be used in many ways to meet the needs of any practitioner. From a mindfully curated crystal grid, a charging talisman, a simple plate for a seven-day candle, or to be wielded for your sacred work and intent. Ultimately, this piece serves as a reminder of As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without - the universe, and everything in it are One.

For use as a Crystal Grid: Your center stone is where you set your intention or purpose. Surrounding stones focus your intention + amplify the effects of the center stone. Cleanse your crystals before placement. Pick your crystals both logically, and intuitively. Place your crystals, with the highest intention.

Change your thoughts, Change your vibration, Change your reality. Manifest accordingly.

With Love, The Witch

This order is for the Manifestation Board only and does not come with stones.