Rose Quartz Palm Stones
Rose Quartz Palm Stones

Rose Quartz Palm Stones

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Rose Quartz Palm Stones, great for manifestation, affirmations and meditation. 

Natural History

Pink crystalline masses found in India, Madagascar, and Brazil.

History and Folklore

Ares wounded Adonis in combat. As Aphrodite rushed to the side of Adonis, her lover, she caught herself on a thorn. Blood from the lovers dripped on clear crystal and stained it pink as a lasting symbol of their love.


Angel: Ashmodiel
Gods/Goddesses: Venus, Isis, Aphrodite, Adonis
Chakra: Heart
Element: Water
Astrological Sign: Libra, Taurus
Planet: Venus
Sabbat: Ostara
Tarot: The Lovers


Excellent for mediators and health workers.

Healing and Magical Uses

Body: Eases pain and tension. Helps with detoxing. Good for the complexion.

Mind: Eases stress, fear, grief, and anger. Placed beneath a crib, it will sooth a fretful or restless child. Good stone for animals especially those from a rescue facility.

Magic: Protects against intrusion and others anger or spite. Protects from nightmares. Good for fertility magick. Can be used in peace magick for war torn areas of the earth.

Care and cleansing: Sunlight will fade it. Cleanse often with sage smoke or tea. Bury in the Earth and then rinse several times with rose water to recharge.