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Earthen Alchemy

Sacred Self Witch Bottle

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You are a sacred vessel, love yourself. 

You are the conduit for transformation, revere yourself. 

You are a portal to the sacred unknown, worship yourself. 

You are strong and resilient, show gratitude to yourself. 

You are unique, there's nobody like you, be in awe of yourself. 

See yourself how others see you. 

Love yourself like others love you. 


This sealed bottle was made on the winter solstice, where we say goodbye to the darkness and welcome the shining light of the Sun, and ourselves. They've made a home in sacred altar space for a full lunar cycle, and smoke cleansed with rose and damiana. Filled with Venusian herbs, lunar herbs and else quartz to help amplify the love we have for ourselves, and topped with rhodonite. Keep this bottle beside your bed, or in front of your mirror. Amplify by making its home next to a rose quartz.