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Earthen Alchemy

Stolas Altar Candle

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Stolas also called Stolos is the Thirty-sixth Spirit who is a great and powerful prince. He appears in the form of a mighty Raven, who also takes the shape of a man. Stolas teaches the ancient art of astronomy and herbalism. He inspires the magician the instinct of wort cunning, the art of the wise. Stolas governs 26 Legions of Spirits, who also teaches Astronomy. When one summons Stolas this spirit often appears in the black mirror as a Raven, which interestingly enough symbolizes Hidden Wisdom and the Darker Realms, thus one assumed as a God Form by invocation, allows a very interesting prose into the concepts of Astronomy and spiritual impulses of that particular Spirit.

Dates: March 11th – March 20th 
Direction: East
Tarot: 10 of Cups
Planet: Jupiter
Metal: Tin
Element: Air
Color: Blue
Plant: Flax
Incense: Cedar
Zodiac: Pisces

9 ounce Soy ~ Sweet and fresh cranberry mingles with notes of birch wood, greenery, spice and citrus. Dressed and blessed with Obsidian, Black Hollyhock and Black Henbane Pod.

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