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The Tower ~ Arcana Perfume Oil

The Tower ~ Arcana Perfume Oil

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The Tower represents change in the most radical and momentous sense. It is for this reason that the card itself visually looks so unnerving. But it doesn't necessarily have to be truly frightening or ominous. Because at the heart of this card, its message is foundational, groundbreaking change.

The kind of event that the Tower card marks does not have to be something terrible, like a disaster or a great loss. Change itself is a normal part of life that one has to embrace. But it can sometimes strike fear, for it means that we must abandon the truths that we have known prior to this event. The old ways are no longer useful, and you must find another set of beliefs, values and processes to take their place.

Contains Osmanthus, Amber, Labandum, Lavender, Bergamot and Vanilla in a base of jojoba oil.

10ml Roll On Bottle

100% Natural Perfume Oil