Wildcrafted esoteric apothecary ~ From our forests, to your home.


Esoteric Apothecary + Astroheralism

We've taken our apothecary and combined it with the alchemic powers of esotericism. Infusing lunar vibrations, planetary powers and sacred sciences to provide offerings charged with all of the boundless healing that the universe has to offer.

  • Witchcrafted Skincare

    In witchcrafting, we use the planets, the elements, the intentions. This is where the craft meets esoterica.

  • Zodiac Collection

    We're all made of stardust, so use the cosmic map you were fated with to enhance your daily practice or rituals.

  • Candle Magic

    Honor your deities, ignite your spell work, enhance your intentions or burn away what no longer serves you or your practice.

  • Ritual Tools + Offerings

    Enhance and elevate your practice. We've crafted oils and more to sweeten your spells and warm your altar.

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  • Baldur's Pain Relief

    I have bursitis in my shoulder and have a hard time moving it most days. With muscle joint aid it instantly takes the deep pain away so I can use my arm for daily activities that normally I would have to take Advil for. I haven’t used Advil since I’ve got Baldur's, I am so grateful!!!!!

  • Moon Time Cycle Relief Balm

    I cannot get over how well this worked for me. The first day of my cycle is the worst, but after using this balm a couple times throughout the day, I hardly noticed any discomfort! Incredibly soothing. This will be a staple in my medicine cabinet. I also loved the way it smelt, and the little rose quartz inside was such a lovely touch.

  • Hypnos Lucid Dream Spray

    I was gifted this spray a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It puts me into a dream state like nothing else I have ever used.
    Hypnos sprayed on my pillows before bed is sufficient to fill the dream journal in the morning.

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